** BRAND NEW FOR 2017**

Are you an expert, consultant or author looking to turn your expertise into digital products with an automated marketing machine?  

Well, The Pivot Point Programme is for you!

This training is your key to exploding your business and setting yourself free from confused marketing, disappointing results and wondering what you are doing wrong.

If you have had enough of poor sales, pitching against competitors, endless travelling to deliver and then waiting 90+ days to get paid.... come and work with me to create The Pivot Point for your business!



The Pivot Point Programme contains everything you could want to know about turning your expertise into digital products, creating a recurring revenue, being everywhere online and attracting endless streams of potential future IDEAL clients.  

PLUS this training includes LIVE support for the duration AND for another 6 weeks afterwards, immediately accessible from your smartphone or tablet.  

What will you be learning & implementing?  Check out the Training Module contents below....

“Nicola created a large sum of money out of a miscellaneous assortment of previous materials and an old mailing list.  We launched a new coaching programme and business in about 3 weeks flat, along with an evergreen marketing system, a strong social media presence, a brand new membership site and two new coaching programmes.
She knew who to use, which software to work with, it was a fast, painless job.  I’m so delighted, I offered her a share of the business going forwards and I know I can leave her to it, while concentrating on the bits I’m good at; speaking, writing and coaching.

Chris Barrow, Co-Author "E-Myth For Dentists" / Survivor, Series 1, “The Island With Bear Grylls” CoachBarrow.com 

By The End Of 6 Weeks You Will...

By the end of this programme you'll understand every element of a 21st Century online business;  you'll have a "Minimum Viable Business Plan", you'll know EXACTLY what marketing assets you need to create, what software tools to use, how you can find & build a team of affordable tech assistants to put it all together for you.  Finally, we'll show you the EASIEST, FASTEST way to create ongoing content to create authority for your brand or business, then how to be EVERYWHERE online with minimal input from you.  With 12 weeks live support, if you take action, you'll succeed.

Not Just Plucked From Thin Air...

This training programme was created by Nicola Cairncross after 20+ years of experience of making a full time living online including the creation of not just ONE BUT TWO six-figure businesses, working part-time from home.  

One of those was a Facebook Ads Agency which she ran successfully for two years serving some of the biggest names in digital / information products, coaching & consulting in Europe, the USA and Australia.

A Word From Nicola

“I love the internet, I think of it as my "window to the world" and I've met many lifelong friends online.  More importantly, it's enabled me to live a life I love, bringing up my kids Phoebe & Nelson and now, enabling them to pursue the creative careers they desire.  My greatest joy is working with my expert clients, helping them create their own digital products & recurring revenue strategies not to mention their automated marketing machines. I want to share my passion with the world & make your life easier!  That’s what this training programme is all about.